Saturday the 11th of May. What a Beautiful Day.

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Hen Party Glamping is County Offaly's Unique Destination for the Adventurous Hen. Discover our little Hamlet hidden away in the Boglands of Ireland.
Copper Beech Hedging and Yew Hedging.

The Day that is Upon us is nearly Perfect.

Noreen and her band of merry hens have left us and are headed back to reality. Thanks a million for being great guests. You have done Tipperary proud. 

I had a stroll about the grounds and with the sun shining down just had to take a few snaps of this and that. The image above is the pathway to paradise. It leads from the resting area for cars, the car park, to the heart of the fun zone. Below is the guardian. Guarding the entrance of the pathway to paradise, and guarding the wheelbarrows too.

The Copper Beech hedging exploded into leaf and colour this past week. It is a nice contrast to the greens of the box and yew hedging. 

Something a little different is happening today. The lawn is all set for mindfulness and laughter yoga with Marie Angeline Lascaux. Visit her website by clicking the button below.

The giant Ash that towers above the camp fire area is bare, and will be the last to get leaves on it, as per usual. But it looks lovely today all the same, there reaching up into the blue.

The outdoor tables have weathered to a lovely grey. They see plenty of action on the sunny days. Today seems to be one of those days, apart from when a devious cloud drifts on to the Sun, so creating an instant chill in the air.

I’d better get out and finish off a few bits before the hens arrive. If you are at a loose end tonight you’ll get to meet them all in The Blackthorn when the hit the tiles for a night of music and dancing. Check it out by clicking on the link below.



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