End of the Road – Latest Updates

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Hen Party Glamping is County Offaly's Unique Destination for the Adventurous Hen. Discover our little Hamlet hidden away in the Boglands of Ireland.
Hen Party Glamping Ireland

We are Closing

Due to the continuing uncertainty regarding the accommodating of groups, the continuing restrictions on pubs and nightlife and the stop/start nature of the restrictions, I have taken the difficult decision to close Hen Party Glamping. All existing confirmed bookings will be refunded in full, and all provisional bookings will be cancelled.

It has not been an easy decision to make as there has been great support for us over the years and we absolutely appreciate and thank all of the wonderful guests we have had the pleasure to meet. 

I understand there will be disappointed people but I do hope you understand the predicament we are in. The financial burden of keeping things ticking over this past year has had an impact and I am no longer able to risk everything on an unknown future. The government has started opening things up but have tempered that good news with the threat of a ‘Hand Brake’ if the case numbers start rising again. For me, after all that has happened thus far, continuing under this hand brake’s dark shadow is a a situation I am unwilling to take.

We have endeavoured to make ensure everyone to date has been fully refunded, in full, all and any deposits that have been paid to us. I will be contacting the remaining confirmed future bookings over the next while to organise the refunding of their deposits. If you are the group organiser and have not yet received your refund please get in contact with me. The refund will only be refunded to the organiser, or a person nominated by the organiser.

I would like to take this opportunity now to thank every person that has supported us throughout these past years. Thank You all. 

What comes next? I don’t know.

Once again, Thank You, and keep smiling.

Good health to you all.




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Great Hen Parties at a Unique Venue in Rural Ireland

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