Wedding Insurance: A Savvy Investment

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What do you need wedding insurance for? What will you do in the case of a no-show vendor or a vendor who collects your deposit then declares bankruptcy? Wedding insurance provides needed coverage and helps you plan alternatives in situations just like these.

Your Anxiety may be more Normal than you Think

Sad girl resting head on table

Often, people who experience anxiety believe their feelings mean they are abnormal or strange, but in some situations anxiety is quite normal and expected. Here are five anxiety-inducing situations that are way more common than you probably thought.

The Best Foods to Give You a Glowing Skin

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Eating a healthy and balanced diet is a
major contributor to skin that looks and feels great, and the good news is it’s easy to create a diet plan to improve your skin’s appearance.

3 Lesser-Known Places to Visit in Vermont

Covered Bridge - Rustic - Vermont

Kingdom trails and Hubbardton Battlefield offer a chance to explore the outdoors, and the Coolidge Homestead provides a snapshot of American history. Together, these sites are a great way to get a real understanding of Vermont’s character. Read the article below to discover more….

Nova Scotia’s Picturesque Southern Shore

Peggy's Bay - Nova Scotia

Southern Nova Scotia offers vacationers a memorable getaway. Travelers in search of a scenic Canadian vacation should consider the many natural and cultural sites that await them in Nova Scotia.

Insurance Cover for Extreme Sports

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Make sure you have discussed your risky activities so that when it comes to the company paying out there is no room for dispute. A good broker will tailor the policy to your needs taking into account the type and frequency of your sporting activities.

What is Travel Insurance and Do I Need it?

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Frequent travelers who have had no experiences with injury or loss of belongings in the past may not consider travel insurance as they have never needed it before. Taking out a travel insurance policy can have many benefits, however, especially if the unexpected does occur.