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The Red Rooftops of Piran
Beautiful Piran
Dining in Piran - Slovenia
Historic Piran - Discover Piran
Piran Marina - Sightseeing in Slovenia
The Red Rooftops of PiranBeautiful PiranDining in Piran - SloveniaHistoric Piran - Discover PiranPiran Marina - Sightseeing in Slovenia

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Summary: Piran is a small city on the Adriatic Coast in Slovenia. Its beauty is unquestionable. Have a Magical Party in Piran, Slovenia.
Piran, Slovenia, Slovenia
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A Magical and Unique Party in Piran


Travelling from the Alps to the Adriatic in less than a day may seem like a cliché, but in Slovenia it's a viable notion. On a clear winter day you can even see towering alpine peaks looming in the distance over red-tiled roofs in the little coastal town of Piran. The coast may be a mere 47kms long, but just like the rest of the country it's packed with delights. What better way to end your trip to Slovenia than by dipping your toes in the sparkling Adriatic Sea.
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