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How to change your ...
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How to change your password

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Once logged in to your account here at ThePartyForums, there are several ways to get to your profile and edit your account details. From any page on the site scroll to the footer and hit the Account button. You will then see your profile, with tabs for viewing various parts of your profile. The Account tab will allow you to review and edit the information on your profile, including your password.

If you are already in the Party Forums, you can also get to the Account page by hovering over My Profile in the forum menu, then click on Edit Account Settings. That takes you directly to the Account page with a minimum of clicks.

Additionally, if you ever visit the site and can't remember your password, the login page has a link where you can reset your password. An email is sent to you to confirm that it's truly you requesting a new password, so it's important to check your spam folder if you don't receive the email within a minute or two.

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