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One Night Package 2023 - What to Expect

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The One Night Package for 2023 is packed full of fun and value. You get a barrow-full of experiences to immerse yourselves in.

There is the prosecco and chocolates in the welcome baskets when you arrive, and the friendly welcome when you land upon the hallowed ground here at Hen Party Glamping @ Boglands, and the social occasion in the decorated Party Tunnel, and the Bar where you can mingle and have the craic. Then the time arrives where you will be summoned into the Rustic Banquet Room to feast mightily, and heartily.

We must not forget the activity options, which include cycling, walking, and archery.....then the bus to and from the local disco at the infamous Blackthorn. And after the Disco there is the sociable and memorable campfire where you will unwind from meeting the locals and the disco dancing, and have a sing-song and a chat, and a laugh, before you head to your luxurious yurt or cabin for your wonderful glamping slumber.

After awakening in your comfortable bed you will be presented with another tasty feast. The breakfast is mighty, of course. After the morning cure you can relax and soak up the unique atmosphere while listening to the birdsong, lingering, until the unfortunate time comes.

That time. The bag packing time. An unhurried, thoughtful time when you relive the memorable moments of the night before. Then you head back to reality. To life. 

So there you have it. Everything in one Great Package. All you need is your drink, and drinking money for the local Disco. If you have any questions then check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. Or Ask a Question yourself.

Check out all of the Hen Party Glamping Packages and Dates. Maybe you are ready to Book your Hen Party? Please do Contact Us to get the Party Started. See you all soon. 

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