Why Go Glamping for Your Hen Party?

Woman in Love Heatr Sun Glasses - Party Time

 Why go Glamping for your Hen Party? The short answer is: Because it’s absolutely fabulous. There are many other answers, too. Reasons galore, actually. So read on and discover a few of them. It’s different. Oh it surely is different. Compared to a hotel, glamping is one footstep from the land. Your front door opens […]

Who Goes Glamping For A Hen Party?

Hen Paty Guests in a Meadow

If they are invited by the Bride then they will have to have a pretty good excuse to not turn up. Hen Parties at Hen Party Glamping are fun-filled adventures all of the guests own making. Get any group of friends together in a private venue, with no prying eyes, and they will absolutely make their own fun.

A Few Photos from May 2022

Hen Party Yurt Interior Ireland

Just a little update with a few recent photos of bits and bobs here at Hen Party Glamping. View the mini-gallery below to wet the whistle. Hen Party Glamping is Ireland’s Unique and Dedicated Hen Party Glamping Destination.