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This is not possible as we have other groups booked in before and after, and other events, cleaning, and servicing of the site. Groups are to be off site (please) by 12am on the day of departure as we have to clean, maintain and service the site.

Check-in is from 3pm. We are servicing the site between 12am and 3pm.

If you have booked a 2 Night Hen Party it may be possible to Check-in from 2pm on the Friday. Contact us to avail of this.

You can add a Review Here. You are able to add images, too. 

Your name or email will not be published. 

Read the Reviews.

(This is not a Frequently Asked Question but it is a relevant one).

You can, but….it is difficult to pin a time slot down that will suit both you, and us. We are always busy either hosting parties, clearing up after parties, doing maintenance and upkeep, collecting stores, doing office work, and living life. There are plenty of photos on the website to help you get a good understanding of what is here, and there are ample reviews to let you know what previous groups have said. If you really want to take a peek then we will try to accommodate you. Links to images. Read the Reviews.

You have access to a screen and projector. It works best with an HDMI lead from your laptop. There is an HDMI ready to connect to your laptop. The screen and projector will be set up for you when you are ready. They are in The Bar

Yes. Please visit this page for links to photos on this website. We will update from time to time.

View the Boglands Twitter page.

We have a Facebook page but we are not big social media users.

We are trying to keep it all on our own website. You can Add Reviews and Photos as well.

Find the Hen Party Glamping page. And the Boglands page. Don’t expect too much. 

Yes. We have One Night and Two Night Packages available.

Yes. As long as there is a minimum of 15 per night. After that people can choose which night they want to attend and just pay the One Night Package Price.

We can accommodate smaller groups (10 – 14 Hens) on Friday Nights. If your group is smaller than our 15 minimum then ask us about a Friday Night Hen Party. Same Fun Package. Smaller Groups will be supplied with three accommodation units which sleep up to 6 and/or 7 people in each. Please view our Small Groups information page.

No. There are gravel paths and wood boardwalks around the site, although we do love seeing colourful wellies, so they are always a welcome accessory.

Dinner is at 6:30pm and breakfast is at 9:30am.

The bus usually arrives to site at 9:30pm.

You may arrive from 3pm. Please exit the accommodation by 11am, and be off site by 12am.

It is always a good idea to prepare for everything. While we do have plenty of dry spaces for if it rains we also have large outdoor tables where you can sit and enjoy the evenings, and the mornings.

These areas are very popular but it can, and does get chilly. So it is a good idea to bring something warm. Some people bring Onesies. Or maybe you may have an old Christmas Jumper you can wear to give everyone a laugh. A big woolly hat and a pair of thick socks? Absolutely.

Enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Yes. Electrical sockets are in all accommodation.

Currently there is no Wifi.

We welcome you, show you around, and then the site is yours. We leave you to your fun and partying. The only times you will see us is at mealtimes, when we are clearing bins etc, and if you need us for anything.

We are on site, but out of your way. 

Yes. There are Bluetooth enabled speakers to use with your own music/ipod etc. Please do not bring speakers, amplifiers, etc.

WE supply speakers for your ipod, or bluetooth enabled device for your music. These speakers have a preset maximum noise level.

There is a Loud-Noise curfew on site. We don’t mind music playing into the early hours as long as it is quiet. After midnight is campfire time.

No. Please do not bring speakers, amplifiers, etc. WE supply speakers for your ipod, or bluetooth enabled device for your music. These speakers have a preset maximum noise level. There is a Loud-Noise curfew on site. We don’t mind music playing into the early hours as long as it is quiet. After midnight is campfire time.

No. Only members of the party that have booked and paid are allowed to be on site for the duration of the Hen Party. Absolutely No Visitors, Please.

Yes. This is not an unusual request. Please ask for details.

Based upon what has happened so far they absolutely would Enjoy the Hen Party Glamping experience. It has been very well received by all ages.

We do. And coeliacs etc. We must be informed prior to the event if there are food allergies etc in the group.

DINNER – Homemade Beef Burgers, Chicken, Honeyed Ham and Sausages on the Grill. Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Green Salad and Baby Potatoes. (Vegetarian on request).

BREAKFAST – Rashers, Sausages, Mushrooms, Beans, Eggs, Brown Bread, Toast, Juice, Tea and Coffee. All with minor variations at times.

Please visit our Activities Page for more activities. 

Yes. If you need extra towels just ask.

No. People have their own preference. There are so many variations we wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Yes. All accommodation has heating, plus electric blankets.

Yes. An area is available for your group where you will find a kettle, tea, coffee, milk and sugar. 

No. There is filtered water here in the building where the tea and coffee-making area is. It is optional to bring bottled water.

Yes. And plenty of hot water too. Please let us know if the water is not hot, or not working.

Yes. We have a minimum of 4 flush toilets for your use. They are not portaloos.

Yes. Plus we provide ice in cooler boxes for your use.

Yes. We provide ice and cooler boxes for your convenience.

Yes. All bedding and towels are included.

In a local pub. We try to keep within 30 minutes max from here.

No. At best you (the organiser) may arrive 30 minutes earlier than the stated arrival time (by prior agreement), before your main group arrives, to add your decorations to the ones we already have. We have the main areas well decorated already. Please be aware we will be working getting the site serviced, cleaned and prepared.

No. During Check-In (3pm) and Check-Out (12am) times you will have Exclusive Use of the Site. The Accommodation is Allocated based upon the numbers in Your Group. 

You can bring snacks if you wish. Snacks for around the campfire will do just fine.

We try to avoid glass as much as possible. We do have a container filled with plastic drinking goblets for your use. We don’t have prosecco/bubbly glasses.

Yes. It is usually lit after dark when everyone is ready for it. You only need to ask if you want it earlier. Bring warm clothing for the campfire. It can get chilly at 3 in the morning.

Yes. There is ample room for parking on site.

There are several lawns. You can view images of the lawns in the gallery.

View images of the decorations in the Party Tunnel Here, and the Banquet Room Here.

There are other areas decorated as well, including The Bar.

No. We only do Per Person Packages.

No. There are no facilities available for self catering. We only do Packages.

There is a minimum charge for our packages. We do accept smaller groups on Friday Nights. If you want to book a Saturday Night you will have to pay the current minimum price. Please see here for more details regarding smaller groups.

Midges etc come and go so it is always useful to have insect repellent wherever you may be outdoors.

Hen Party Glamping Ireland
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