Latest Updates at Hen Party Glamping – Summer 2022

Vase of Flowers on Outdoor Table - Summer

Website Updates 2022 has been a busy year. We finally reopened after a long shutdown and have been playing catchup with all of the maintenance, updates and improvements that are required to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. Online activity is getting back to normal and we are busy answering questions and organising future Hen […]

Why Go Glamping for Your Hen Party?

Woman in Love Heatr Sun Glasses - Party Time

 Why go Glamping for your Hen Party? The short answer is: Because it’s absolutely fabulous. There are many other answers, too. Reasons galore, actually. So read on and discover a few of them. It’s different. Oh it surely is different. Compared to a hotel, glamping is one footstep from the land. Your front door opens […]

Who Goes Glamping For A Hen Party?

Hen Paty Guests in a Meadow

If they are invited by the Bride then they will have to have a pretty good excuse to not turn up. Hen Parties at Hen Party Glamping are fun-filled adventures all of the guests own making. Get any group of friends together in a private venue, with no prying eyes, and they will absolutely make their own fun.

A Few Photos from May 2022

Hen Party Yurt Interior Ireland

Just a little update with a few recent photos of bits and bobs here at Hen Party Glamping. View the mini-gallery below to wet the whistle. Hen Party Glamping is Ireland’s Unique and Dedicated Hen Party Glamping Destination.

Back on the Saddle in 2022

Hen Party Thatched Crannog

After a long, arduous, challenging and complicated journey through these past few lockdown years we have finally hit the proverbial wall at the end of the line. We are now bouncing our way back and are on track to reopen in May 2022. It is true. We are back in the saddle.  There is a […]

Why is Ireland a Haven for Culture Lovers

Weir in Ireland

Of course, the real heart of any city is captured in its nightlife, so if you’re hoping to spend an evening in the company of some colourful Irish characters, you are always welcome to enjoy a drink or two in one of the thousands of bustling pubs that communities up and down the country have to offer.