Peeking into the Yurts and Cabins

Take a wee peek at our Hen Party Accommodation. We will add a few more photos over the next while so make sure to return for another look.
Hen Party Yurt - Purple Decor

A great Hen Party Destination in the Midlands of Ireland – Hen Party Glamping @ Boglands Hideaway. View available Dates and Book Online.

Peeking into the Yurts and Cabins

To keep a rustic feel about the place we decided not to paint the exterior of the buildings. We have kept the wood raw so it ages into a beautiful silver-grey patina. 

The outside of the yurts have a similar look and feel. The yurt covers purposely look like they have been dragged around Outer Mongolia for a decade. It all fits the bill, imbues a rustic charm, and makes the rustic grade.

The interiors assume the contrast position. They are colourful, cosy and easy on the eye. Please feel free to browse the images below of the accommodation for Glamping Hen Parties. 


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Hen Party Glamping is Your Unique Party Destination in the Midlands of Ireland. We do Glamping for Hen Parties at our dedicated Hen Party Glamping Site in Ireland’s Heart. View Availability Online Now to Experience this Unique Hen Party Destination.

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