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A great Hen Party Destination in the Midlands of Ireland – Hen Party Glamping @ Boglands Hideaway. View available Dates and Book Online.

Latest Updates at Hen Party Glamping – Summer 2022

Website Updates

2022 has been a busy year. We finally reopened after a long shutdown and have been playing catchup with all of the maintenance, updates and improvements that are required to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Online activity is getting back to normal and we are busy answering questions and organising future Hen Parties.

Adding the occasional post to the blog and tweaking the website here and there keeps the spare time to a minimum but it is all for a good cause. We did a blog post containing a few new photos captured in May 2022. You can view that post here.  We also posted “Why Go Glamping for Your Hen Party“. Check that out too, if you like.

Glampsite Updates

I like keeping things natural, especially wood, which is pretty much everywhere you look around here. But we lost the head and decided to paint the doors; and make doors that were missing from several of the outbuildings. Adding a touch of paint has, I must admit, improved the place. The painted doors now stand out like shining beacons in a thick fog. There will be no shipwrecks here this year. Check out our painted doors here.

There have been a few changes to the Banquet Room, too. A door was replaced by a window. A larger area was created for serving the Feast, a new area was created for relaxing, and entertaining, and new seats were made for the outdoor tables and the campfire. I’ll get a few photos of the bench seats up asap. 

If you have a Mr and Mrs presentation we now have a new area with a projector and a big screen for your use. The screen is quite impressive. You just need to bring your laptop to connect to the HDMI. Just let us know in advance and we will have it set up for you. Assistance is always provided, if needed. Check out the screen here.

There is plenty more work to do and we are kept busy thinking, planning, and working on improvements in between Hen Parties. The grass never stops growing. The trees are reaching for the clouds. And time is moving on. Everything is positive a the moment. We look forward to welcoming all of our future guests to our unique and rustic hideaway in the Boglands of Middle Ireland.

Hen Party Glamping is Your Unique Party Destination in the Midlands of Ireland. We do Glamping for Hen Parties at our dedicated Hen Party Glamping Site in Ireland’s Heart. View Availability Online Now to Experience this Unique Hen Party Destination.

Secure your 2023 Hen Party date(s) today with Hen Party Glamping. Have a fantastic Hen Party at our unique and private venue in the Midlands of Ireland.

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We look forward to welcoming you and your group to Hen Party Glamping in the County of Offaly, Ireland.

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*15 – 27 Paid Hens

Then Bride goes Free.

*Minimum 15 Paying then Bride (NO: 16) goes FREE.

Just bring your alcohol – your favourite tipple- and snacks for the campfire. 

Everything is Included / Organised for You. Just arrive and enjoy. You may bring snacks if you wish to.

A €500.00 (per night booked) non-refundable deposit is required to secure your chosen date(s).

Payment by Card or Bank Transfer.

Dates are held for 24 Hours unless stated otherwise.
Dates will be made available again after 24 hours if deposit is not paid.

*Minimum 15 Paid Hens then Bride goes Free.

 *The minimum payment is based on 15 attendees. If your group numbers fall below this you still have to pay for 15.


Everything is included: Accommodation. Activities. Campfire. Meals. Decorations.

Just bring your own drink & snacks.

No Hidden Fees. No Extra Charges. No Paying for Taxis. No paying for Meals. No Paying for Activities. Everything is Organised. One Fixed Price Per Person. Easy.


About Us

Hen Party Glamping is Your Unique Party Destination in the Midlands of Ireland. We do Glamping for Hen Parties at our dedicated Hen Party Glamping Site in Ireland’s Heart. View Availability Online Now to Experience this Unique Hen Party Destination.

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