Insurance Cover for Extreme Sports

Make sure you have discussed your risky activities so that when it comes to the company paying out there is no room for dispute. A good broker will tailor the policy to your needs taking into account the type and frequency of your sporting activities.
Extreme Skiing on a Steep Slope

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Insurance Cover for Extreme Sports

When most of us book holiday insurance it is a relatively simple matter. There is a wide range of firms vying for our business. However, is it quite so easy if you are a mountaineer, a skydiver or even an extreme ironing exponent?

All these activities fall into category of extreme sports. Finding the insurance that fits your requirements is possible, but it may just take a little longer. Using mountaineering as an example, a web search revealed over ten companies willing to offer cover. Cost of cover seems to depend upon a variety of factors. 

The British Mountaineering Council has a useful website that covers all aspects of mountaineering including insurance. They require information concerning how your trip has been organised either through a tour operator or independently. Pre-existing medical conditions had to be identified together with whether or not you were being paid for the expedition. 

Standard questions concerning your age, duration and destination completed the question list. My sample quote for climbing the highest peaks but not in the Arctic or Antarctic offered me cover of several million to cover costs including rescue, medical expenses and repatriation for around £500. 

They were also able to quote for less dangerous expeditions splitting them into four categories trek, rock, alpine finishing with High altitude and remote. Using their quote as a starting point, you can then check the cover offered by other companies and the cost of the policy.

Having tested the market, how would other enthusiasts fare? It seemed obvious to choose extreme ironing. Extreme ironing is, well ironing clothes in extreme circumstances. It began in the U.K. but is now popular in Europe and North America. Whether it be whilst descending a mountain, kayaking or even underwater the extreme ironers are willing to tackle almost any environment. 

Whilst I could not find a company that used Extreme ironing as a headline in its advertising all of   the companies offering cover for extreme sports seemed to include it the list of sports that they were will to offer cover for.

Another aspect of your holiday experience you need to protect is your equipment. In some pastimes your equipment will be relatively cheap and you may think it not worthwhile to insure against damage, loss or theft. In other sports such a skiing and mountain climbing your equipment will be much more expensive and it only makes sense to insure against any kind of loss.  

Once again take a look at those companies that specialise in covering extreme sports. It is possible not only to get cover for the trip you are going on but also when your equipment is just stored at home. Think about your total insurance needs and talk to a broker to decide if one policy which covers all your requirements is best or whether you can get a better deal by splitting the equipment insurance from your trip insurance.

Besides taking out insurance for individual expeditions to follow their chosen sport extreme sport enthusiasts must consider life insurance. It makes sense that if people are involved in activities that involve risks that life premiums are going to be higher. Finding a broker that you trust could be the key point here. You need to be completely honest with the broker. 

Remember if your life insurance cover needs to be claimed upon you will not be around to argue. So make sure you have discussed your risky activities so that when it comes to the company paying out there is no room for dispute. A good broker will tailor the policy to your needs taking into account the type and frequency of your sporting activities.

So when considering how to ensure your extreme sporting activities it seems there are a few key points. Firstly make sure you look at a good range of companies. If you belong to an association formed by your sport this may be a good starting point, they may offer cover or know where to find good deals. Look for a site that has thought about the risks that you are likely to face. 

Finally it might be wise to use a broker. Even though they will charge you they will save you time and hopefully money.


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