Nova Scotia’s Picturesque Southern Shore

Peggy's Bay - Nova Scotia

Southern Nova Scotia offers vacationers a memorable getaway. Travelers in search of a scenic Canadian vacation should consider the many natural and cultural sites that await them in Nova Scotia.

Insurance Cover for Extreme Sports

Extreme Skiing on a Steep Slope

Make sure you have discussed your risky activities so that when it comes to the company paying out there is no room for dispute. A good broker will tailor the policy to your needs taking into account the type and frequency of your sporting activities.

What is Travel Insurance and Do I Need it?

Amalfi Coast - Italy

Frequent travelers who have had no experiences with injury or loss of belongings in the past may not consider travel insurance as they have never needed it before. Taking out a travel insurance policy can have many benefits, however, especially if the unexpected does occur.

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Holidays

Pacific Island - Canoe

Preparing ahead for the Christmas and New Year holidays this year can feel a little more stressful due to the unprecedented times. For this reason, it’s important more than ever to take the time for family and enjoy the simpler things in life. Read on to discover some helpful tips and ideas that can make your holiday an enjoyable and relaxing occasion.

Top 5 Things to Do on a Short Break in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal - Night

Amsterdam is one of the best cities in Europe to go on a short break. There’s a lot to see and do, from tasting food to exploring canals. This article highlights the top 5 activities to make the most of a short break in the city.

Walk Tall

Hiker - Tramper - Colourful Sky

Everyone has down times, but if you feel strong in body, it’s easier to cope. Try to remember this when you’re feeling low. Stand up and stretch tall, rising on tiptoe and tipping your face up toward the ceiling, until you feel your whole body pull and stretch slightly.